Last Chance Weekend - VT (Sat-Sun, April 22-23)

  • 22-Apr-2017
  • 23-Apr-2017
  • Swiss Ski Club Lodge - VT
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Last Chance Weekend - VT
Sat-Sun, Apr 22-23

Okay, it's probably not going to look like this. But if there's snow, we're up for it! Vermont (and our lodge) has so many things to do! Lay back at lunchtime, get a head start on your tan, apres-ski in town, relax by our fireplace, dine on our deck, and relax in our lovely lodge. Reservations are open Apr 10 - 19. To reserve, click the "Register" button. 

Any question? Contact the Reservationist, Henrich, at   He'll arrange carpools to find you a ride or riders.

For details, see Rates and Procedures or contact Reservationist.

 (No more skiing? Come to our Dinner Dance in NYC, Friday, April 28!)

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