Swiss Ski Club of New York

About Us: Who is the Swiss Ski Club?

Fun-loving skiers from all over the world!We're a large international group centered in the New York metropolitan area, hosting outdoor and indoor activities year-round. In the winter, we meet regularly in New York City and go skiing or snowboarding at our club's lodge in Waitsfield, VT, near the Sugarbush and Mad River Glen ski areas. 

We've been doing this now for about 75 years. That is, the club has been. Some of us are just getting started.

Our members and friends are primarily single, though couples aren't frowned upon either. In fact, the club has brought many couples together. When you bring couples together, children inevitably result, and we have a number of family events also.

Our Vermont ski lodge in winterThe club was founded by Swiss living in New York in 1939, and our membership now represents national backgrounds from all over the world. 

Although most of our members and friends these days are U.S. citizens and residents, the club continues to proudly enjoy an international flavor.

We encourage new friends to meet us at our NYC area events and to come with us to Vermont.

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